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The state of raga and define ragas. Learn how to play raga asavari lakshan geet notations with video. Raga by Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi. sings lakshan geet, Learn keyboard harmonium freeraga presentation,  raga asavari, raaga asavari

Raga Asavari Lakshan Geet Notations


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Kaanha mohe asavari raag sunaa we


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By Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi




Kaanha mohe asavari raag sunaa we

Kaanha mohe asavari raag sunaa we

Ga Ni Ko Arohan mein chupa we


Sa Re -  Ma Re - Ma Pa - Da Pa - Dha Gha Re  - Sa Re Ni Sa Pa

Kaanha mohe asavari raag sunaave




Dhaivat vadi, Ga samvadi

madhayam surrat hai  nya  susu pancham

avrohan sampooran dikhaa we

Kaanha mohe asavari

Kaanha mohe asavari

Kaanha mohe asavari raag sunaa we



This is a lakshan geet in asavari raga.  A lakshan  geet is a composition that talks about the structure of a raga, its nots, mood and all its technical aspects.


My Kanha (Krishna) sings the Asavari raga to me,

During Amrohi or Arohan (ascent) he hides "Ga" and "Ni",

Dha is the vaadi, Ga is the samvadi

Keeps the medium notes in High Fives


Expresses everything in Amrohi or Avrohan (descent)

My Kanha (Krishna) sings the Asavari raga to me,







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