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Music lessons edited by great music composer Nisar Bazmi


Lessons in lakshan geet free. Sir you can learn how to play raga bhairavi lakshan geet notations with video songs. Listen raga  and raaga by Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi.who sings lakshan geet for ragatracks. Listen raga bhairavi or raaga behravi


Raga Bhairavi Lakshan Geet Notations


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Kasi yeh bahlayee re kanhayee


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  By Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi



Bhairavi Lakshan Geet        




Kasi yeh bahlayee re kanhayee


Paniyaa bharan gayee gagari girayee


Karat lagayee....


Sanad kahe aiso dheeth bahayoo kanhayee


Ka karoo mayee nahin manta kanhayee


Karat lagiyee ...





How impish is this Krishna,

I went to fetch water and he broke my vessel,

He squabbles...

Sanad says that Krishna

has become such a brat

What should I do?

O mother! Krishna would't mend his ways

He squabbles



















Learn how to play raga bhairavi lakshan geet notations with video. Raga by Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi. sings lakshan geet, Learn keyboard harmonium free raga presentation,  raga bhairavi, raaga

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