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Keyboard Harmonium In Desi Style


Harmonium is a most popular instrument with people of all ages. This book gives you perfection in a very short time which is 30 days. These lessons are equally suitable for keyboard & harmonium players. You cannot learn to play  Desi Indian & Pakistani films songs without learning Thaat & Ragas. English keyboard or piano lessons deal with chords & harmony but not melody.  Western  books mainly focus on chords and teach chords with both hands together.


However Western music is also essential for playing chords with left hand. Desi Style is a mixture of Western music and Indian music lessons.  Indian and Pakistani music is melodic in nature. Whether you play keyboard or harmonium, it is necessary for you to learn thaat and ragas. Lessons by listening midi music  is the best method for quick learning and it also makes practicing more enjoyable as you play along with professional musicians from Pakistan & India with  your very first lesson. 


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More About Desi Style Book

Indian classical music has one of the most complex and complete musical systems ever developed and also has its origins as a meditation tool for attaining self realization. Like Western classical music, it divides the octave into 12 semitones of which the 7 basic notes are Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa also called moveable seven-note scale. A semitone, also called a half step or a half tone, is the smallest musical interval commonly used in Western  music, and it is considered the most dissonant when sounded harmonically. When seven notes Indian scale sounds harmonically it sounds melodious and harmonious. The melodic foundations of Indian music are called ragas. One possible classification of ragas is into parent scales, known as Thaats, under which most ragas can be classified based on the notes they use. Thaats may consist of up to seven scale degrees, or swars. Indian musicians name these pitches using a system called sargam. Sargam is singing the swars instead of words of a composition. Keyboard and harmonium in desi style have explained basics of Indian classical music in a very simple style with no complexity.

The author makes accessible to the general reader as well as to the practitioners of fundamental importance not only for the study of Indian and Pakistani achievements in the sphere of music-but also for the future development of one of the greatest contributions made by India to the musical culture of the world.

The chapter on the history of ragas, a large mass of materials have been imbedded and set forth in a historical sequence-revealing a fascinating story of the growth and development of Indian melodies. The peculiar theories governing the principles of Indian music are set forth with remarkable ingenuity from the unexplored sources. Apart from the data essential for the correct understanding of Indian music theories, the researches embodied in this volume have revealed surprising materials for the study of the mythology of Indian music and connecting links which intimately bind together the masterpieces. This indeed is a very revealing chapter in the history of Indian culture itself.

It was never realized earlier-as to what extent musical culture has offered valuable materials for the development of Indian ragas and to what extent the Indian performer has collaborated in publishing fundamental concepts, sometimes of extremely complex spiritual significance, for the apprehension of the general public in an easily accessible form. Pictorial diagrams of thaat and ragas will help to analyze the fundamental emotive character-the philosophy of each raga so that the practitioner should not use indiscriminately any pattern of Indian melody except to express its appropriate emotional concept. The most valuable data offered in this volume is the carefully collected material bearing on the the classification of the ragas set out in simple detail with color graphics of ten basic thaat. Moreover hundreds of raga based film songs are provided for the practice.

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eBook 135 Pages  "Keyboard & Harmonium In Desi Style" ID-3366 is provided with free support material. With the purchase of printer friendly eBbook ID-3366, download links will be provided separately. This teach yourself electronic eBook ID-3366 is designed with colored graphics and diagrams which makes understanding notes easy for quick playing.


Following material will be provided free with the eBook.


1. 30 Sargam video lessons as 30 separate download links. (Video Lessons)

2. 60 famous raga based film song notations song eBook in pdf. (Song Book)

3. 40 most famous ragas mp3 with its lyrics. (one asthayee and one antra)

4. Ten popular raga lakshan geet mp3 with notes diagrams & lyrics.


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Now 60 famous Indian songs notations in desi style as eBook will be provided free with this purchase.


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Teach yourself eBook ID-3366,  (Keyboard Harmonium In Desi Style) is provided with colour diagrams of thaat, ragas and finger numbers. Download links of ragas, and desi songs notations etc. are provided in a separate text file. Order desi style eBook and print your high resolution colour spiral bind book. All products which we are selling are intangible.


The best and fastest way to learn is to use this eBook in conjunction with our free Youtube Video Lessons. To visit our free video lessons on ragas click the following link:


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60 Famous Indian  Songs Notations eBook ID2000


Sixty famous Indian songs notations eBook ID2000 will be provided free with each purchase of e-Book ID-3366 and e-Book ID-4466. Each song notation in sa re ga ma is provided with diagram of keyboard and notes of songs which enable playing Indian songs from your first day of learning. 60 songs notation is provided in pdf as a e-Book which can be opened with adobe acrobat reader. Download free trial song book before purchasing eBook ID-3366.

Demo Notations eBook


60 Songs Notation Book In Sa Re Ga Ma


ID-2000, Notations eBook Price 20 USD 


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About Sargam Lessons


Sargam Lessons, Sa, Re, Ga, Ma


Natural notes (pure or major) are called Shudh notes which are shown as S, R, G, m, P, D, N. The notes, or swar, are called Khraj which are Shadj, Rekhab, Gandhar, Madhyam, Pancham, Dhaivat and Nikhad. When singing these become Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, and sargam stands for "Sa-Re-Ga-Ma". Only these syllables are sung, and further designations are never vocalized. When writing these become, S, R, G, m, P, D, N. A sign of apostrophe on the right side of a letter (S') indicates the octave higher, a sign of apostrophe on the left side of a letter ('S) indicates the octave lower. Re, Ga, Dha, and Ni may be either shudh or komal; Ma may be either shudh or tivar and is then called tiver Ma. Sa and Pa are immovable when once Sa is selected.


Don't think there is anything that you can practice that will have as much an impact on your playing as sargam. Take the sargam challenge. Play the sargam every night for one month and then re-assess your playing skills afterward. Order sargam ebook and print your high resolution colour spiral bind book for your practice.


2. Harmonium Video Lessons






Harmonium Video:

Welcome to the new Harmonium Lessons experience! Ragatracks team have been working on this project for a few months, and we are so proud to finally be sharing it with y’all. There’s lots of juicy new stuff packed in here, including a series of thirty video lessons to guide a beginning harmonium player through the basics of playing thaat, akaar, sargam, and palte.

With these harmonium video lessons you will be able to play complete harmonium with famous thaat like thaat bilawal, kalyan, bhairavi, bhairav, poorvi, asavari, khamaj, todi and thaat kafi etc. You will also learn akaar and  three type of sargam with each thaat. Raga based film songs of each thaat is demonstrated. In the end you will be able to play harmonium and keyboard in desi style without the help of any expensive teacher.

Learn singing while playing harmonium with ten thaat video lessons. Most harmonium students do not have correct approach learning harmonium and in the end they can only play harmonium but cannot sing-along their harmonium notes. Ragatracks have prepared video lessons of ten thaat individually with three types of harmonium video sargam exercises.

Teach yourself harmonium and keyboard in desi style video lessons are divided into 33 separate parts. Download links of 33 video lessons in wmv format are provided in a text file. Teach yourself harmonium along with singing and learn harmonium keyboard in desi style with  raga based songs. After purchase download link will be available for one month.


These video lessons are comprehensive and require no extra books. The best and fastest way to learn is to use these video lessons in conjunction with eBook ID-3366 and Sargam eBook ID-4466. These 33 video lessons are also provided with our eBooks ID-3366 and with ID4466. With the help of these video lessons you will be able to play any favorite film song yourself within one month time.


Click the following link to visit our free demo video lesson of raga bhairavi and thaat bilawal :


3. Sargam Lessons E-Book Product ID- 4466 


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are various books written on harmonium or keyboard but no suitable book is available on basics. These books were written for advance learning and lessons were difficult to follow. Book on sargam lessons 113 pages is the first effort in the internet and have produced lessons in easy and with simplified exercises. The best and fastest way to learn is to use this ebook in conjunction with our 30 free video sargam lessons. To visit our free video lessons click the following link:


With these teach yourself sargam lessons you will be able to play and sing-along with your harmonium or keyboard. All the exercises are produced with simple diagrams and notations.


You will also find following exercises.


1. Exercise Raga Bilawal 2. Exercise Raga Bhairav 3. Exercise Raga Bhairavi 4. Exercise Raga Kalyan etc. You will also find Raga Gauri and Poorvi examples in making of an alaap by simple steps. Akaar definition and steps to perform akaar is defined with detail. Akaar practice will be among raga bhairavi, bhairav and bilawal sargam etc.


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Now 60 famous Indian songs notations in desi style as eBook will be provided free with this purchase. 30 Free Sargam video lessons  separate links will also be provided.


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Adobe ID-4466, is provided with colour diagrams of thaat and ragas. Sargam exercises of famous ragas with up and down palte is also provided. All the material is available with high speed download server. PDF song eBook of 60 notations is also added with this purchase. All products which we are selling are intangible.


ID-4466, Sargam Lessons eBook Price 40 USD

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About Keyboard In Western Style Book


Keyboard In Western Style


With Free Desi Chords & Scale Finder


Keyboard or piano have the same keys so, these lessons are for both instruments. Many websites claim to have courses that you can purchase that will teach you how to "play piano by ear" or "learn the chord method", this book contains the same information as those courses and what's best is explained in a simple manner. Lots of people really would like to play the keyboard or piano, the most popular instrument. They don't know one note from another.  They do know they love music and want to learn how to use chords and scales to play popular tunes of Indo-Pak. Many, many music lessons, charts, books, and explanations are available in websites and in bookstores. Which to choose? With books, you have to stop, turn the page, go back to another page, and try to keep the pages from flipping if the book doesn't lie flat or not in spiral binding. Web sites need scrolling or clicking the "back" or "forward" buttons. This E.Book  will provide you practical information about keyboard -playing, as well as detailed material on the most convenient charts and graphics is provided so you, too, can play your favorites music now. Be happy and don't worry.

You cannot find all information about keyboard chords, scales and fingerings in a single book. Western music books are being sold in parts. You are bound to purchase part two or three.  The most important thing you can do is to make a commitment to learn the piano or keyboard.  This means putting in the effort over the course of several weeks to learn and practice the theory taught on these pages.  This is an attempt to explain things to a newbie who has just got a keyboard and wants to romance with it.  In my opinion, both Western and Indian music forms are complex subjects and  any simplification will indeed be a tough task. Frankly, my expertise in both forms is limited and through my constant exposure over the period of years I have learnt few basics of both. It is indeed a great pleasure to share the knowledge that I have acquired from different resources and tried to compile this comprehensive book.

Listening to music is a pleasure that most get from birth. This increases to a great extent when you understand the basics and appreciate. Music can be defined as collection of small pieces of regular sound played at predefined time interval. An ingenious collection of these notes played over a period of time results in a melody. Hence both western and Indian or for that matter any form of regular music has a set of basic notes from which they grow, something like alphabets.  There is a new concept evolving called “computer music” where a musician explores beyond the basic notes that are defined in music. In cakewalk and Cubase SX3 it is possible to explore beyond basics.


4. Keyboard In Western Style  E-Book Product ID-5566














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Style assumes you have no prior knowledge of music or playing the keyboard or you play without correct approach. Keyboard in western style 108 pages is provided with colour graphics of chords, scales and finger numbers to play. This teach yourself book will show you:

  • How to play keyboard in western style

  • Keyboard Notes and fingering

  • Major, Minor Scales

  • Major Minor Chords

  • How to apply chords with scales in Indian songs

  • Scale chords chart

  • How chords are formed in major scale songs

  • How chords are formed in minor scale songs

  • Chords progression

The book also features a chord and scale chart. All music players should know all of the information contained in this paper book and  e-book. Order keyboard in western style ebook and print your high resolution colour spiral bind book. The best and fastest way to learn is to use this ebook in conjunction with our free Video Lessons which will be provided with this purchase.


E Book ID-5566 is provided with instant secure download

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Now 100 Indian songs notations in western style as eBook will be provided free with this purchase.


Adobe ID-5566,  (keyboard in western style) 128 pages with color diagrams of scale, chords and finger numbers. 100 Indian songs notations in western style as eBook and some important video lessons as support material will also be provided free. All products which we are selling are intangible.


ID-5566, Keyboard In western style  Price 30 USD

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100 Indian  Songs Notations (Western Style eBook ID1000)


How to find notations of a song explained.


First Indian song notation eBbook in western style. More than 100 famous Indian songs notations available with diagram of notes for easy playing. Each song notation in CDEFGAB is provided in a simple style which enable playing Indian songs from your first day of learning. Western styles songs notation is provided in pdf as a eBook which can be opened with adobe acrobat reader. Download free trial western style song eBook before purchase. All products which we are selling are intangible.


   Download Demo eBook


                      ID-1000 Notations eBook Price 20 USD           

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1. All three in one ID-7777


Three in one e-books with 33 video lessons


Discount Package Offer


Price of all three eBooks e.g ID-3366, ID-4466, ID-5566 and two notations eBooks ID-1000 and ID-2000 with 33 video lesson is 160 USD. Now purchase "All three in one ID-7777 Package" in only 85 USD and save 75 USD.This special sale offer is available only for a short time period and will discontinue any time without notice. Note that same 33 sargam video lessons will be provided with ID-3366 and ID-4466. All products which we are selling are intangible and not in physical book form.


ID-7777 (Three in one) eBooks Price 85 USD

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  • Buying midi and mp3 music of your favorite songs from our website  

  • Practicing and playing with other musicians.

  • Learning by listening your favorite Indian Pakistani midi music provided in the Internet. Be practical in the early stages, it is helpful to have the guidance of an experienced teacher. This will also help you keep a schedule and obtain weekly goals.



From the beginning you should set yourself a goal. Many people learn keyboard or harmonium because of a desire to play old songs of sub-continent. It is important to have a correct approach to practice from beginning. You will benefit more from short practices (15-30 minutes per day) than one or two long sessions per week.  Correct approach is only learning with the scales and chords concept. First learn scales, proper fingers for proper notes and then learn chords. After learning 12 major scales, its practice is also necessary. Try to play songs in a particular scale and in the end try to play songs with chords. Do, not try to play chord in the early stage of your learning. While practice, try to take help from book repeatedly. I am sure within 3-4 weeks you will be able to play your favorite tunes yourself without any help and chords will take some time. Do not forget to learn rhythm theory along with melody. Gradually you will become master if you take time learning notes and know  how notes sounds.




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