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135 Pages "Keyboard & Harmonium In Desi Style" e-book is provided with colour graphics

and diagrams of notes and octaves. Download links of mp3 support material etc. will be provided in a separate text file. This electronic book is designed with colored graphics and diagrams. 60 songs notations eBook will be provided with this purchase.

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Keyboard Harmonium In Desi Style Book Contents

Keyboard and harmonium in desi style book contents for playing Indian and Pakistani songs with harmonium. Desi style harmonium book, desi style keyboard book and  keyboard harmonium book available.

  1. About musical instruments                                                                  

  2. Harmonium playing positions                                  

  3. Keyboard or computer music             

  4. Western music verses Indian   

  5. Harmonium & keyboard   

  6. Shruti and Saptak                                                                        

  7. Notes of Indian Scale                                                                            

  8. 12 notes of a saptak       

  9. Selecting first note ‘Sa’  

  10. Scale and finger numbers                                                                       

  11. Showing Indian and western notes together                                   

  12. Transpose option                                                                          

  13. Thaat and scales                                                              

  14. Ten thaat of Indian music 

  15. Rules for playing thaat and songs 

  16. History of classical music      

  17. What is a raga?                                                                         

  18. Ten thaat and their ragas  

  19. Classification of ragas under five principals 

  20. Identifying Ragas from film songs   

  21. Sargam                        

  22. Exercise Raga Kalyan       

  23. Finger Numbers     

  24. Raga Kalyan Arohi Amrohi                                                                        

  25. Notations of raga kalyan songs                                                                

  26. Concept of a taal                                                                               

  27. Classification of a taal        

  28. Terms describing properties of ragas                                                   

  29. Khyaal                                                                                                 

  30. Alaap                                                                                                   

  31. Thumri                                                                                                  

  32. Playing songs with thaat and ragas  

  33. Thaat Bilawal, 1. Bilawal Thaat

  34. Songs of Thaat  Bilawal                                                                

  35. Ragas of Thaat Bilawal  

  36. Raga Alahya Bilawal                                                                         

  37. Raga Pahadi    

  38. Raga Pahadi Songs                                                                                      

  39. Raga Deshkar                                                                                   

  40. Raga Deshkar Songs                                                                         

  41. Thaat Bhairavi, 2. Bhairavi Thaat

  42. Ragni Bhairavi 

  43. Ragni Bhairavi Songs                                                                           

  44. Ragni Bhairavi Songs Notations

  45. Raga Malkauns                                                                                 

  46. Raga Malkauns Songs

  47. Raga Bhoopali Todi

  48. Raga Bhoopali Todi Songs 

  49. Thaat Khumaj 3. Khamaj Thaat

  50. Raga Khumaj  

  51. Raga Khumaj Songs             

  52. Raga Gara                                                                                        

  53. Raga Gara Songs                                                                           

  54. Raga Jhinjhoti                                                                                   

  55. Raga Jhinjhoti Songs       

  56. Raga Tilang        

  57. Raga Tilang Songs                                                                          

  58. Thaat Kafi  4. Kafi Thaat

  59. Thaat Kafi Film Songs                                                                          

  60. Raga Kafi        

  61. Songs of Raga Kafi                                                                             

  62. Raga Bheempalasi                                                                            

  63. Raga Bheempalasi Songs                                                                          

  64. Raga Piloo     

  65. Raga Piloo Songs

  66. Raga Shivranjani    

  67. Raga Shivranjani Songs                                                                          

  68. Raga Bageshri                                                                                  

  69. Songs of Raga Bageshri   

  70. Alankar background  (Alankar)

  71. Kan Swars      

  72. Thaat Asavari 5. Asavari Thaat

  73. Songs of Thaat Asavari                                                

  74. Ragani Asavari                                                                                    

  75. Ragni Asavari Songs          

  76. Raga Darbari    

  77. Raga Darbari Songs 

  78. Raga Jaunpuri 

  79. Raga Jaunpuri Songs                                                                        

  80. Thaat Poorvi  6. Poorvi Thaat

  81. Raga Poorvi        

  82. Raga Poorvi Songs 

  83. Raga Lalit       

  84. Raga Lalit Songs                                                                                      

  85. Raga Puria Dhanasri                                                                                  

  86. Raga Puryia Dhanasri Songs                                                               

  87. Thaat Kalyan  7. Kalyan Thaat

  88. Songs of Thaat Kalyan                                                                        

  89. Raga Yaman  

  90. Raga Yaman Songs 

  91. Raga Shuddh Kalyan   

  92. Raga Shuddh Kalyan Songs                                                              

  93. Raga Yaman Kalyan  

  94. Songs of Raga Yaman Kalyan                                                            

  95. Raga Bhoopali                                                                                   

  96. Raga Bhoopali Songs   

  97. Thaat Todi (8)                                                                                

  98. Ragni Todi 8. Todi Thaat

  99. Ragni Todi Songs 

  100. Raga Madhuvanti  

  101. Raga Madhuvanti Songs                                                              

  102. Thaat Marwa (9)                                                                               

  103. Raga Marwa  9. Marwa Thaat

  104. Raga Marwa Songs                                                              

  105. Raga Sohni                                                                                       

  106. Raga Sohni Songs    

  107. Bhairav Thaat 10. Bhairav Thaat

  108. Raga Ahir Bhairav                                                            

  109. Raga Ahir Bhairav songs                                                               

  110. Raga Kalingada                                                                               

  111. Raga Kalingada Songs                                                              

  112. Raga Jogiya         

  113. Raga Jogiya Songs  

  114. Non-Indian Thaat & Ragas                                                              

  115. Raga Kirwani (South Indian Raga)                                                  

  116. Raga Kirwani Songs                                                                           

  117. Rules for playing songs             

  118. Important tips for musicians

  119. 50 famous film songs notations


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You will receive following downloadable material with ID-3366


  1. Mp3 of more than 40 famous ragas  of ten thaat with lyrics, arohi, amrohi and pakad in vocal form. For each raga only one asthayee and antra is provided with lyrics.

  2. More than 8 most famous raga alankar exercises with notations, diagrams of notes and its mp3 available in pdf.  All the 40 Alankar mp3 is linked with pdf..

  3. 60 songs notations eBook will be provided with this purchase

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You learn faster when you learn examples


Some examples in "keyboard and harmonium in desi style" have been presented in mp3 which enables you to listen what you should be playing. This is the best method for learning quickly and it also makes practicing more enjoyable as you play along with famous ragas of the world from your very first lesson.


With Free Vanbasco midi player you can play Indian Pakistani professional musicians midi music in real time. This free Vanbasco player is not provided and is available free at  See real time notes being played in your computers while you play midi music in Vanbasco Player.  No free midi music will be provided. Playing keyboard and harmonium was never so easy before.



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