2. Playing Songs With Thaat Asavari




Thaat Asavari Sargam:


                                                             Ascending:        Arohi:   S   R   g   m   P   d   n   S’

                                                             Descending:    Amrohi:  S’   n   d   P   m   g   R   S


Thaat Asavari is  C Minor Scale in Western Starting from  first white key.

                                                                                 C D Eb F G Ab Bb

        Showing C minor scale in all five octaves


 Songs Of Thaat Asavari With Asthaee, Antra and Taal

You can also play Asavari songs in C minor Scale Of Western

Play songs according to diagram 1 of Thaat Asavari

Mandr, left octave as ('S)-Madh or middle as (S)-Taar or right octave (S')

1 Tu pyar ka sagar hai Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee RgRS RS 'nS      Antra S'S'  nP    
2 Tumhara Chahne wala khuda ki dunya mein Taal Dadra  
 Asthayee gR 'nSS gRS     Antra Pmg mPdn  
 Be reham asmaa meri manzil bata Taal  Kehrva
 Asthayee 'n 'd 'n SS 'n SR   Antra PmPS'  ndndp
4 Yoon kho gaye tere pyar mein hum  Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee S PPP d n d PP  Antra S' R' S' nnS'R' S'S'S'  
5 Chale jana nahin naina milake Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee P m P S' S'          Antra P P d n S' S'      
6  Meri yaad mein tum na    Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SS RR m m  PPP  Antra PP nnn S'S'S'  
7 Tere pyar ki tamna ghame zindgi ke saee Taaal Kehrva
 Asthayee S g P mg mg RS  Antra PP dR S'g'  R' S' 
8 Tum zid to ker rehe ho  Taal Dadra
 Asthayee R g R S n'd'n' RS  Antra SS 'n gs n' d'  
9 Jadoon  holi jae lenda mera naa   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee mmPPPdndndP  


R' S' S' S'  S'S'  S'S' 
10  Sawan aya tum nehi aie   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee g R S g RS 'n'd 'd'nRS  Antra PS'  
11 Oh dunya ke rakhwale  Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee 'n 'd 'n SSSRS 'n SRg    Antra PdP mgmPndP  
12  Jab bhi chahen ik nai soorat  Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SRgRS 'nSgRR   Antra PPP d P mm   
13  Apno ne gham die to mujhe yaad   Taal Dadra
 Asthayee S g P PP dn dPm     Antra Pn S' S' dPd S'S'S' 
14 Tu jo nehi hai to kuch bhi nehi hai   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee S 'n SR SRRR        Antra S 'n 'P 'n RSS  
15  Aitabar nahi karna    Taal  Kehrva
 Asthayee PPd Pmg ndP  Antra Listen full midi music 
16  Ham chale to hamare sang sang nizare chale   Taal Kehrva


SRgP dndP


mPdn Pm Rn' R

17  Anokha ladla khelene ko maange chaand   Teen Taal 


R S 'nS RSRgg



18  We lageeyn di laj rakh ley kadhi bhul na jaween  Taal Kehrva


PPd PdPm

Antra -
19  Yeh ejaaz hai husan e awargi ka                   Taal Dadra


'nSSS 'nRS 'nd




 Sun le oh Jane wafa Tu hai dunya meri - Ahmed Rushdi

Taal Kehrva


S' n S' ndP mg Pm


ddd dd Pdnn dP




Raga Asavari in brief:

Raga Asavari belongs to Asavari Thaat. It is a late morning Raga, and uses all seven notes, five in the ascent and seven in the descent. Gandhar, Dhaivat and Nishad are komal (flat) and the other notes are shuddh (full). The derivative ragas out of this structure are grouped under the broad head of Asavari Thaat. Add Komal Dhaivat to Kafi thaat and you get Asavari Thaat. Raga Asavari is full of tyag, the mood of renunciation and sacrifice as well as pathos. It is best suited for late morning. However important evening/night raga like Darbari and Adana also use notes of asavari thaat with different styles, stress points and ornamentations.


Following ragas are derived from Thaat Asavari:


Darbari Kanhada


Playing songs with thaat asavari which is equivalent to c minor scale of western. If there are raga based songs then there are also thaat based song. First try to play Indian and Pakistani  film songs with thaat and thentry in ragas.














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