3. Playing songs with thaat kafi



Thaat Kafi Sargam:


                                    Ascending:          Arohi:   S – R – g – m – P – D – n - S’

                                                Descending:       Amrohi:    S’ – n – D – P – m – g – R – S



Thaat Kafi is  C Dorian Scale in Western starting from first white key.


                                                                                      C D Eb F G A Bb

       Showing C Dorian scale in all five octaves of keyboard


Film Songs Of Thaat Kafi With Asthaee, Antra and Taal

Play songs according to diagram 12 of Kafi Thaat

You can also play thaat Kafi songs in C Dorian Scale Of Western

Interlude or middle music of songs is also based on thaat kafi

Mandr, left octave as ('S)-Madh or middle as (S)-Taar or right octave (S')

1  Ghame dil ko in aankhon se chalak jaana bhi    Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee 'n'P  SSS  SS   'n SR Antra mP  'S'S'S 'n SS 
2  Dil men ho tum ankhon me tum , Bappi   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SRRgRS        Antra gmPmgPmm     
 Daag e dil ham ko yaad ayne lage log apne dye   Taal Dadra
 Asthayee 'P'n S SR  S 'n     Antra gmPmg Pmm
4 Tumhara pyar chahaee mujhe   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee PP m g mP S' Pm   Antra n'n'n'n'n'n'n'n'    
5  Pyar bhere do sharmeele nain,  Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee  SR Pmg         Antra PPPm Pmg        
6  Rim jhim rim jhim pere phawar tera mera nit ka pyar Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee S, PPm PDnD  Antra S'S' nDD             
7  Jalte hain arman mera dil roota hai Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee 'nRRRgm gRS   Antra P S'S'S' R'S' nnn   
8  Sun wanjli di mithri taan way, Film Heer Ranjha    Taaal Kehrva
 Asthayee Sn' S  PPP mg mgR  Antra S' nD nS'              
9  Lat uljhi suljha ja re baalam  Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SSg RS 'n'D madh saptak Antra mDDnD mDDnD
10  Hamari sansoo me aaj tak woh hina kis kshboo Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee 'P'P SSS RS 'n        mSRS              
11  Yeh raat yea chandni   Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee PmgmP mgmP   Antra S' nP S'S'         
12  Tere bheege badan ki kshboo se    Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SSgSS 'n'n RSS   Antra g mPPP nDP    
13  Ae dunya kia tujh se kehoon - Mehdi Hassan Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee Pmgg      Antra S'S'S' R'nDP       
14  Sab kuch luta ke hosh me Taal Dadra
 Asthayee SRS 'n'n SRP gR      Antra gmmPPP             
15  Ik situm aur meri jaan abhi jaan baqi hai Taal Kehrva
 Asthayee SSgmPP mgR      Antra g R S 'n'n SS  
16  Sawan aye sawan jaye   Taal, Kehrva
 Asthayee gRSR mg      madh-mandr Antra PPPm Pmg               
17  Dil ke jhoroke mein tum ko bitha ke Taal  Dadra
 Asthayee SS SSSS SS SS RgP SS    Antra 'S'S'S'S'S'S' 'R'R'R' 




Raga Kafi in brief:

Raga Kafi belongs to Kafi Thaat. Usually it is rendered in the late evening and uses all the seven notes in the ascending and descending order. Gandhar and Nishad are komal (flat) and all other notes are shuddh (full). The derivative ragas out of this structure are grouped under the broad head of Kafi Thaat

Kafi thaat makes use of the Komal Gandhar and Komal Nishad. So basically it adds Komal Gandhar to the Khamaj Thaat. raga Kafi is one of the oldest raga and its intervals are described as basic scale of the Natyashastra. Thus in ancient and medieval times, Kafi was considered as natural scale. Kafi is a late evening raga and said to convey the mood of spring time.


Following ragas are derived from Thaat Kafi:



















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Playing songs with thaat kafi which is equivalent to c dorian scale of western music system.  Play Thaat kafi songs with thaat kafi notes in teach yourself harmonium lessons.


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