MIDI & Style File Transfer Via USB Storage Device



After purchase, from paypal you will receive a direct download link in your email, click "Download". Choose "Save to disk".



If your file is downloaded as a zipped folder, double-click the folder. Save the unzipped folder to your desktop.



You can then drag the file onto a storage device. Depending on your instrument model, you may be able to transfer using a floppy disk, Smart Media card, USB storage device, etc.



This section guides you to resources available elsewhere on the internet that you may find helpful. Click on any of the below given categories and on each link you will find, in most cases, a brief description of the resource.


  • Yamaha has links to Yamaha Corp sites. You can find a lot of useful information there, but since Yamaha is such a large corporation, the links of most interest to arranger keyboard owners are not always so easy to find.
  • PRO Links lead to web sites of gigging (performing) musicians. They usually include sample songs as well as contact information so you can hear how talented the performer is.
  • Forums lead to discussion forums where arranger keyboard owners meet to discuss topics of interest, ask questions, or share files, such as styles or songs they have created.
  • Support has links to web sites devoted specifically to one or more Yamaha keyboard models. These sites normally provide useful information and songs/styles for your keyboard. You will also find many more links to internet sites at some of these sites, in particular, Jørgen Sørensen's The Unofficial YAMAHA PSR Resource Site.
  • Lessons are links to, generally, keyboard piano guide sites on the net. This tutorial site will help you learn how to use many of the functions available in your keyboard, but it does not attempt to teach you how to play the keyboard. If you need help there, you can take a look at the many piano lesson sites.
  • MIDI Sites has links to hundreds of sites on the internet where you can find midi songs to download or listen to. Whether a midi was created on a Yamaha or not, you can still download it and play it in your PSR or Tyros keyboard.




Some PSR Tutorial & Demonstration Videos



Yamaha PSR-S910 Demonstration by Glyn Madden


Michel Voncken and the PSR-S710 & PSR-S910


PSR-S550 Demonstration Movie


Wind Melody YAMAHA PSR S550B


Yuki Shimada presenting the PSR-S900


Michel Voncken and the Yamaha PSR-S700 / PSR-S900


Multi Track Recording & layering Several Tracks Yamaha PSR S900


Simple Editing of Recorded Channels Yamaha PSR S900


How To Set up Registration Memory Yamaha PSR S900


Converting MIDI Files to WAV Files Yamaha PSR S900


Keyboard Drumming  Yamaha PSR S900


Using 'Song Creator Yamaha PSR S900


Neat Fades on the PSR-S900


Demo Yamaha PSR-S710



Yamaha Music Resources


Resource Sites
PSR Tutorial
Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner
Yamaha's Online Services Blog
Yamaha Zone - Resources
Yamaha Keyboard Guide
Wally's Yamaha Tyros 3 Pages

Knowledgebase and FAQ
Yamaha Keyboard and Digital Piano FAQ
Yamaha Keyboards Site
Tyros Reference Page
PSR 740 Corner

Misc. Sites
Sheet - MIDI - Style
Yamaha Reviews at Harmony Central
Other Keyboard Brands
Piano Play It
DVD: Playing with Styles
Tutorials for Yamaha Keyboards

5100+ PSR Videos
4300+ Tyros Videos
2500+ DGX Videos
1100+ CVP Videos
700+ YPG Videos

XG Creative Synthesis:
No.1 - No. 2 - No. 3
Introduction Yamaha XG
XG Documents and Specifications

System Exclusive Messages (SysEx)
Changing Effects using SysEx
Dromeus - Sys Ex Site
SysEx Documents and Specifications
Style Files
PSR Tutorial - Music Finder Databases
YPKO - Non-Cryptic Music Finder
Instrument Definition Files
Pipelinerr 9000 Registrations
Yamaha DJX Patterns

Technical Stuff
Style Files - Introduction and Details
Arranger Workstation - Behind the Manual
Song & Style Datenbank online
Midi to Wave Manual (pdf file)
How to connect Keyboard to PC/Mac

Non-English Resource Sites
   Heiko: PSR, MIDI, XG & XF
  Richtiges Timing für Fill-In und Break  
 Heidrun's Musikerseiten
  Robby's Resources
  Clemens' MIDI & PSR Site
  Tips and Tricks 7k, 8k & 9k
  Michel Vonken Page
  Book: Styles & Patterns
  XF Format
  File Formats
 Entertainerclub Münsterland
  Lacobo Tyros Resource
  French PSR Club
  Surf Clavier PSR 9000



Indian Kit Tabla Styles

Arabic Kit Tabla Styles

All Tabla Styles are bundled with  all possible variations

e.g intro break end.

Purchase Mix tabla styles of famous classic film   songs of India.

Demo mp3 of styles available


Yamaha Tabla Styles



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