Film Songs - Based On Thaat & Ragas


Note:- Playing songs with thaat is easy due to seven notes ascending and seven notes descending. Please only experiment to play songs with thaat. It is recommended to play songs with ragas only. Below given list is actually belongs to raga-based songs and not thaat based songs.


Identifying or appreciating a raga do not require any formal training. By identifying the similarities between songs of the same raga, one would be able to grasp the basic structure of the raga. Let us keep the list growing!!! Send in your suggestions and discoveries about raga based songs.


Thaat Bilawal 


 Thaat/Scale Bilawal Diagram 1        


                                                       Sargam :           S R G m  P D N S'              (ascending notes)

                                                                                                                S' N D P m G R S              (descending notes)


Try to play the sargam of bilawal given above for one hour for at least three days in the madh sabtak or middle octave. Your fingers should not jump or slip on wrong keys. After practice of sargam ascending and descending try to play the songs.  I am sure that you will  play the songs  yourself without notation.  This is the real way of learning keyboard. After practice of bilawal sargam repeatedly, your mind will be familiar with the voice of notes. If you will play one song  perfectly then you will be able to play all  the songs  of thaat bilawal.  While practice your fingers can reach other octaves or sabtak like taar sabtak but the arrangement of the keys will remain the same madh saptk given above in diagram 1. This is the secret which most of Ustad do not tell their students in such a short period.


The songs based on thaat and ragas are tested in the keyboard. Your fingers shouldl only touch yellow  keys and not white or black keys, while playing songs.Try to play one song at a time.  Many more songs of bilawal will be provided with the e. book. Have a nice time and fun.


Songs of Thaat Bilawal (Raga Bilawal)

  1. Ik piar ka nagma hai

  2. Ae dil kiski ki yaad mein Film Ik Tera Sahara 

  3. Choo ker mere man ko

  4. Tum naa jane kis jehan me kho gae

  5. Bachpan ki mohabat ko

  6. Mushkil hai bahut mushkil, Film Mahal

  7. Tujhe jeevan ki dor se Film: Asli Naqli 

  8. Lag ja gale ke phir ye hansi rat, Film Woh kaun thi

  9. Baharon mera jivan bhi sanvaro - Aakhiri Khat

  10. Pak Sarzameen Shaad Bad (trana)

  11. Tum ko dekha to yeh khyaal (Ghazal) 

Thaat Kafi  

Thaat/Scale Kafi        


Songs of Thaat  Kafi (Raga Kafi)

  1. Dil men ho tum ankhon me tum , Bappi Lehri, 

  2. Tumhara pyar chahaee mujhe

  3. Pyar bhere do sharmeele nain,

  4. Rim jhim rim jhim pere phawar tera mera nit ka pyar
  5. Jalte hain arman mera dil roota hai
  6. Sun wanjli di mithri taan way, Film Heer Ranjha 
  7. Lat uljhi suljha ja re baalam
  8. Yeh raat yea chandni 
  9. Tere bheege badan ki kshboo se
  10. Ae dunya kia tujh se kehoon - Mehdi Hassan
  11. Sab kuch luta ke hosh me 
  12. Ik situm aur meri jaan abhi jaan baqi hai - Mehdi Hassan

Thaat Asavari 

Thaat/Scale Asavari          


Songs of Thaat  Asavari (Raga Asavari)

  1. Be reham asmaa meri manzil bata hai kehan

  2. Chale jana nahin naina milake - Film Badi Bahen
  3. Meri yaad men tum na - Film Madhosh
  4. Tere pyar ki tamna ghame zindgi ke saee
  5. Tum zid to ker rehe ho, Mehdi Hassan
  6. Jadoon  holi jae lenda mera naa, Noor Jehan
  7. Sawan aya tum nehi aie
  8. Oh dunya ke rakhwale, Film Beju Banwra
  9. Jab bhi chahen ik nai soorat,  Mehdi Hassan
  10. Apno ne gham die to mujhe yaad, Mehdi Hassan
  11. Tu jo nehi hai to kuch bhi nehi hai: S. B. John
  12. O sun le oh Jane wafa Tu hai dunya meri: Film Sangdil (Pakistani)

Note: Please note that some songs may not adhere completely to a raga's format, i.e., they may not represent the raga in its pure form. While each song in in desi music  is based primarily on a raga, but certain changes have been  made while composing film songs. Some songs have their asthaay and antara based on different ragas. Such songs have been categorized based on the ragas of  asthaayi  or  ragas of antra. 


Thaat Bhairav or Bhero


Songs of Thaat  Bhero

  1. Mohe bhool gae sanwarya

  2. Saj rahi gali meri amma sunhere gote mein

  3. Oh lagi re laage lagan yehi dil mein - Mehdi Hassan

  4. Dard se mera daaman bher de - Jagjeet
  5. Hame koi gham nahi thaa - Mehdi Hassan
  6. Puchho naa kesee mein ne rain bitaee
  7. Raam teri gan meli ho gai
  8. Kehdo koi naa kere yahan pyaar
  9. Mein to ik khawab hun - Mukesh
  10. Hai isi mein pyaar ki aarzoo


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