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There are various books written on harmonium or keyboard but no suitable book is available on basics. These books were written for advance learning and lessons were difficult to follow. Our lessons of sargam is the first effort to produce sargam lessons in easy and with simplified exercises. With these lessons you will be able to play and sing-along with your harmonium or keyboard. Most of  the exercises are produced with simple diagrams and notations. 60 famous Indian songs notations eBook will be provided in pdf.



Listen free sargam lessons now. What is sargam practice in desi style.  E.books available in  desi keyboard lessons. Now you can teach yourself piano or Pakistani piano in free harmonium lessons. Free sargam lessons.

Sargam Book Contents


  1. Scale  And Saptak   

  2. Harmonium Keyboard                                               

  3. Notes Of  A Saptak                                                                             

  4. 12 Notes of Scale                                                                               

  5.  Identifying Notes & Their Position                                                      

  6. What Is Sargam                                                                                 

  7. Thaat And Ragas                                                                                 

  8. Sargam Chapter 1   Raga Aiman Sargam                                         

  9. Finger Numbers                                                                                  

  10. Exercise Raga Kalyan Arohi

  11. Exercise Raga Kalyan Amrohi 

  12. Alankar                                                                                             

  13. Exercise Raga Kalyan Arohi Amrohi                                                       

  14. Sargam Chapter 2   Raga Behravi Sargam                                              

  15. Exercise Raga Behravi Arohi                                                                       

  16. Exercise Raga Behravi Amrohi                                                           

  17. Raga Behravi Arohi Amrohi                                                                       

  18. Raga Behravi Tiver Notes In Mandr Saptak                                            

  19. Raga Behravi Tiver Notes In Taar Saptak                                               

  20. Raga Behravi Komal Notes In Mandr Saptak                                             

  21. Raga Behravi Komal Notes In Taar Saptak                                              

  22. Raga Behravi Tiver Notes From Mandr -Taar                                  

  23. Raga Behravi Komal Notes From Mandr - Taar                                 

  24. Sargam Chapter 3   Raga Bhairav (Bhero) Sargam                      

  25. Exercise Raga Bhairav Arohi                                                                    

  26. Exercise Raga Bhairav Amrohi                                                         

  27. Exercise Raga Bhairav Arohi Amrohi                                              

  28. Sargam Chapter 4  Raga Bilawal Sargam                                   

  29. Exercise Raga Bilawal Arohi                                                                    

  30. Exercise Raga Bilawal Amrohi                                                        

  31. Exercise Raga Bilawal Arohi Amrohi                                               

  32. Vocal Riaz                                                                                            

  33. Instructions For Singers                                                                       

  34. Vocal Exercise (Riaz)                                                                                  

  35. Identifying Ragas Of Film Songs                                                           

  36. Sargam Chapter 5                                                                                  

  37. Practicing Sargam Palte (Up and Down)                                                          

  38. Exercise Raga Kalyan Arohi                                                                       

  39. Exercise Raga Kalyan Amrohi                                                          

  40. Exercise Raga Kalyan Arohi Amrohi                                           

  41. Sargam Chapter  6 Behravi  Sargam                                                        

  42. Exercise Raga Behravi Arohi                                                                      

  43. Exercise Raga Behravi Amrohi                                                         

  44. Raga Behravi Arohi Amrohi                                                                       

  45. Raga Behravi Up & Down (palte)                                                           

  46. Raga Behravi Exercise - Komal Notes Mandar - Taar                       

  47. Raga Behravi Exercise -  Komal Notes Taar - Mandar                      

  48. Raga Behravi exercise five notes palte                                             

  49. Sargam Chapter 7 Bhairav Sargam                                                        

  50. Exercise Raga Bhairav Arohi                                                                     

  51. Exercise Raga Bhairav Amrohi                                                        

  52. Exercise Raga Bhairav Arohi Amrohi                                             

  53. Sargam Chapter 8  Bilawal Sargam                                                          

  54. Exercise Raga Bilawal Arohi                                                                    

  55. Exercise Raga Bilawal Amrohi                                                           

  56. Exercise Raga Bilawal Arohi Amrohi                                             

  57. Chapter 9                                                                                              

  58. Thaat or Scales                                                                                

  59. Theory of Thaat                                                                                 

  60. Ragas In Today’s Form                                                                       

  61. Akaar                                                                                                         

  62. Alaap                                                                                                          

  63. Making of Alaap                                                                               

  64. Raga Gauri Poorvi Example                                                                      

  65. Composing Alaap      

  66. Lakshan Geet                                       

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You learn faster when you learn examples


Some examples in "keyboard and harmonium in desi style" have been presented in mp3 which enables you to listen what you should be playing. This is the best method for learning quickly and it also makes practicing more enjoyable as you play along with famous ragas of the world from your very first lesson.


With Free Vanbasco midi player you can play Indian Pakistani professional musicians midi music in real time. Vanbasco player is not provided and is available free at  See real time notes being played in your computers while you play midi music in Vanbasco Player.  No free midi music will be provided. Playing keyboard and harmonium was never so easy before.













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