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Old Pakistani film song "Pyaar ki yaad"

Ustad Saleem Shahzaad sings "Pyaar ki yaad".

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Nisar Bazmi Sings His Own Composition Muhabat Ke Deeye Jala Lo - Pakistani Film Song Live PTV

Nisar Bazmi Sings
His Own Composition
Muhabat Ke Deeye Jala Lo
Ustad Saleem Shahzaad
Pyaar Ki Yaad Nigahon Mein - Live Song by Saleem Shahzad PTV Chal Ur Ja Re Panchi

Pyaar Ki Yaad Nigahon Mein
Ustad Saleem Shahzaad
Chal Ur Ja Re Panchi
Ustad Saleem Shahzaad


Maan Mera Ehsaan
Ustad Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi
Basti Basti Parbat Parbat
Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi

Ye mera diwana pan hai - By Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi
Saleem Shahzad Interview
Silver Screen TV Channel
Ye Mera Deewana Pan Hai
Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi

Aa laut ke aa ja, By Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi - Indus Vision  

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Aa Laut Ke Aa Ja Mere Meet
Iqbal Yousuf Ramzi


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