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Learn keyboard in desi style like harmonium and play songs, books and e.books available. Desi style keyboard and pakistani piano  keyboard e.books available at  Karachi Pakistan



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western Style assumes you have no prior knowledge of music or playing the keyboard or you play without correct approach. This book will show you:

  • How to play keyboard in desi style

  • Keyboard Notes and fingering

  • Major, Minor Scales

  • Major Minor Chords

  • How to apply chords with scales

  • Chords progression

The book 108 pages also features a chord and scale chart. All music players should know all of the information contained in this e-book. The best and fastest way to learn is to use this book in conjunction with:


  • Buying midi music of your favorite songs from the website which is Practicing and playing with other musicians.
  • Learning by listening your favorite Indian Pakistani midi music provided in the Internet. Be practical in the early stages, it is helpful to have the guidance of an experienced teacher. 
  • This will also help you keep a schedule and obtain weekly goals.


Keyboard In Western Style Contents
  1. Western Keyboard Music                          

  2. Sound Waves                                                              

  3. Sound Pitch                                                                 

  4. Naming Intervals                                                           

  5. Tonal Center                                                               

  6. Learning the notes of keyboard                                 

  7. How to find middle C                                                         

  8. Finger Numbers                                                         

  9. Sharp Notes                                        

  10. Flat Notes                                                                   

  11. Introducing Major Scales                                       

  12. Tones & Semitones                                            

  13. Major Scales With Flat & Sharps                         

  14. Major Scales Diagrams                                             

  15. How Minor Scales Are Formed                                   

  16. Minor Scales Diagrams                                             

  17. Major 7th Chord                                     

  18. Dominant and Sub-Dominant Chords                        

  19. Fingering Scales                                                 

  20. Chords & Chords Progression                             

  21. Twelve Major Chords Diagrams                                 

  22. Minor Chords                                      

  23. Twelve Minor Chords Diagrams                                 

  24. Major & Minor Chords Fingering                                 

  25. All Chords Finger Table                                        

  26. Harmonizing Melody With Chords            

  27. Exercise For Fingering                                             

  28. Two Important Chords Cmaj, G7th                

  29. Introducing B For RH                                               

  30. Introducing A For LH                                    

  31. Introducing Fmajor Chord                                     

  32. Sharp & Flat                                                               

  33. G major & D7 Chords RH                                          

  34. Introducing E for LH                                     

  35. Commonly used chords LH                                          

  36. Commonly used chords both hands                               

  37. 12 Major Scales & their chords                         

  38. Dominant & Sub-Dominant Chords                                                

  39. I, IV, V, Chords Progression (Major Scales)            

  40. Major root Chords of 12 Major scales    
  41. Notations of famous films songs with chords (Western Scales)
  42. 50 Western Style famous Indian Films songs notations with scales


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Learn keyboard in desi style like harmonium and play songs, books and e.books available. Desi style keyboard, pakistani piano, keyboard e.books, karachi keyboard music. Keyboard in western and desi style.

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